since 1989
Welcome to our world. To the world of beauty, colour and innovation. We draw inspiration from our environment, from what is exceptional, original and non-standard. Want to know us better? We look forward to working with you!


Production capacity

Our aim is to achieve the maximum production capacity while maintaining affordable price and the highest product quality. Cosmetics under two brands, WIBO and LOVELY, and PRIVATE LABEL products are manufactured on the area of 3,000 sqm. Annually, we produce 20 million cosmetics, such as foundations, mascaras, lip glosses, eyeshadows, powders, lipsticks, concealers and many more. These products are distributed in more than 1,170 chemists all over the country and abroad.

We are the leader of the Polish cosmetics market and have:

  • colour cosmetics production process know-how;
  • 850 pallet places in the warehouse;
  • a complete production process from paste mixing, micronization to pressing and pasting of the finished product;
  • high efficiency thanks to automation of the production pathway;
  • flexible processes and machines enable us to adapt the processes to new production;
  • own production of varnish pastes enables us to create hundreds of colours with brocade and photocured variants in small lines from hundreds items to bulk production;
  • production pathways prepared for manufacturing of lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, fluids or concealers;
  • FLOW PACK automatic packaging system;
  • ISO 22716:2007 certificate – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP);
  • ERP – system for managing batch numbers, stock, purchases and complaints.

Sample projects


We have a modern laboratory which develops around 200 innovative cosmetics recipes a year, not only for own brands but also for individual customer needs. Our team of highly qualified technologists with many years of experience, works on new products which are our great asset, and the short time to market ensures our leading position.